Sleek and Lightweight – Luvelo’s X-Crate

Luvelo X-Crate Gray

The X-Crate is a welcome new design to the bicycle basket and crate category for city and commuter cyclists.  The design takes it cues from the heavy wooden bicycle crates and jerry-rigged milk crates you see attached to the back of so many bicycles. Designed by Luvelo the X-Crate is made of light-weight aluminum and has a strong riveted construction.


The X-Crate took a year and a half of design, prototyping and testing before coming to market. It was designed specifically with the stylish cyclist in mind. The pierced base allows for easy attachment to any rear bike rack and doubles as drainage. The X-Crate comes in coated black, light gray and red to compliment almost every bicycle.  It’s tapered design allows for stacking on bike store shelves and reduces wasted space during shipping.

You can find more information about the x-crate here.
We hope you love it as much as we do!

Luvelo-X-Crate-Blk Cycle Chic