Installation and FAQs

1: My striker bell lever is stuck.

Because the components of this bell are exposed occasionally you will have to add a bit of oil to the spring. Any light oil will do, even WD-40. Just put a small dab or spray at the top of the spring and ring the bell a couple times to let the oil spread to the rest of the spring. Reapplication of oil will depend on your climate and bike storage. If the lever feels stiff then just add oil.

2: How do I install the X-Crate?

1. Have your bike rack already installed. Have a phillips head screw driver or drill bit handy. Also have a pair of wrench pliers to hold the lock nut.

2. Place the X-Crate on your rack.

3. Find the best fitting holes to use with the plates. Use our instructions image as a guide. Place 4 washers over the select holes. Drop the 4 bolts through those holes.

4. On the underside pull one plate over two bolts.  On one bolt add the washer and loosely add the lock nut with your hand. The narrow part of the nut should be facing the ground. Repeat on the other bolt.

5. Repeat step 4 with the other plate.

6. Check the placement. Sit on your bike and check to see that the crate is far enough back on the rack so you can sit comfortably without interference.

7. Tighten all the nuts. Hold one nut with the wrench or hex. Using the screwdriver or a drill tighten the connection until it is snug. There will be resistance when tightening as the nylon lock nut is what prevents the connection loosening over time. Repeat on all 4 lock nuts.

Enjoy your ride!

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