Cycling Causes to Support this Year

Vehicles for changeAs the holidays approach I’m always conflicted about what the right amount of gifting is appropriate. I see children who have everything and want to make sure that giving is the focus of the season. I often make donations as part of my gift. It creates a moment to discuss the good work that is being done in so many arenas and a reminder of how fortunate we are to enjoy the things we have. In that spirit I’ve complied a list of a Canadian cycling focused charities to make it easier to give this year.

Local Not-for-Profit Bike Repair and Building

These not-for-profit bike storefronts are an invaluable part of their community. They teach people how to repair or even build their own bike. They provide programs to youth on bicycle repair and safety and often provide bikes to people who may otherwise not have the opportunity to discover the joy of riding. Promote cycling culture and support the next generation of cyclists!

Calgary: Two Wheel View
Vancouver: Pedal Society
Edmonton: Edmonton Bicycle Commuter’s Society
Toronto: Bike Pirates, Bike Sauce,  Charlie’s Free Wheels
Ottawa: re-Cycles

You can donate online, write a cheque or arrange to drop off much needed bike frames and parts. If your city is not listed search for bike not for profit or charity in your area.

City Cycling Advocates

These organizations make our cities more cycling friendly by relentlessly advocating for new and improved bike infrastructure, they promote cycling safety and help new cyclists navigate the road. Donating to them ultimately makes our cities safer for everyone!

Toronto: Cycle Toronto
Vancouver: HUB
Halifax: Halifax Cycling Coalition
Montreal: Montreal Bike Coalition

International Bike Donations

Local chapters of Bicycles for Humanity collect bikes and help get them shipped to Uganda, Angola, South Africa, and Colombia, where they can make a world of difference in the day to day lives of people. Go to your local chapter website for ways to donate your bike or provide financial assistance.

This list does not cover all organizations but gives you a glimpse of the many ways you can participate and give this holiday season.

Do you have a favorite bike related charity? Let us know in the comments below.