Beautiful Beaters

Trinity bikesWe found Susanna and Leah chilling in Trinity-Bellwoods Park with their beautiful beaters.

Susanna (on the left) got her Raleigh Glider from her best friend three years ago as a hand-me-down. She never thought she’d be riding in the city, but got over her fears and now couldn’t think of getting around any other way. Besides, she says there’s nothing quite like slipping on a pair of cork wedges and feeling the wind through her skirt as she rides through city.

Leah (on the right) got her bike three years ago from a woman in Montreal who had to give up her bike when she got pregnant. You couldn’t tell, but Leah says she’s put a lot of love and bucks into her ride. Just as well given the bike thieves and idiot drivers who’ve doored her a twice already.  Leah’s style when it comes to cycling: anything goes with a helmet.